Half hour show
Giant sea snail, salt water hermit crab, starfish, clown fish, clam, mussel, spider crab, mud crab and baby shark!  Artifacts include queen conch, cushion sea star, and shark jaws.


3/4 hour show
1/2 hour critters along with Horseshoe crab, eel, mud crab, and Knobbed whelk (large local snail).


Full hour show
1/2 hr show critters, plus mud crab, whelk, puffer fish, stone crab, grass shrimp and artifacts from sea turtles, whales, and other critters.

What an excellent party theme! Journey below the waves as Under the Sea presents all sorts of LIVE animals!

Your birthday party will be the talk of the neighborhood as we bring the ocean to you!  Besides these awesome animals, we bring an eel, a sea urchin, and even a puffer fish!    We also bring a HUGE set of shark jaws!  The largest animal brought is a fully grown horseshoe crab.  Kids flip over this one and we could talk for hours about this fascinating critter.  Depending on the season, other animals may put in an appearance, such as a shrimp, a shark, a blue crab, or a ray!

Have a Marine Biologist visit your birthday party, and make this special day an event you will never forget.

20 children max, each additional child is $10.


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