Various Marine Biology Links, Crafts, Activities, Lesson plans, Marine Biology Outreach Groups, Aquariums and, Marine Science Centers, Conferences, Seminars, Lectures, Other great assembly programs


MAMEA - Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association

NMEA - National Marine Educators Association

The Bridge - Super website for all aquatic information - Links to everything aquatic.

Oceanography from NASA - Super website with tons of science

The Water Page - A website that covers all topics about water 

Bluemont Concert Series - Bluemont offers funding for programs and schedules performances for Under the Sea as well as other great speakers - Family happenings and birthday party info - a great resource for the Washington DC area.

Acorema - Whale research non-profit in Peru - site in Spanish and English

MAHS - Maritime Archeological and Historical Society - U/W archeology group in the Washington DC area

Love Lab - Dr. Milton Love's extremely funny yet educational site on rock fishes, plus his thoughts on how to become a marine biologist


Crafts, Activities, and Lesson Plans

Professional lesson plans - w/ national standards listed

Dolphin Quest - Dolphin Quest's main page - lesson plans for middle and high school 

Turn a room into an undersea environment - Great activity to get them thinking about the ocean

Marine Biology Outreach Groups

Marine Biology Outreach Groups - Various groups around the world that also offer programs that come to you. 

The following groups teach about the aquatic environment.  They bring the ocean to you.  Some bring live animals, others use costumes to teach, many also use video and slides.  If you know of other aquatic outreach groups, or if you see misinformation here, please e-mail us.  These groups are listed by where they are based, starting in the North East and going South.  For a listing of aquatic centers you can travel to, try searching The Bridge.



Mr. & Mrs. Fish - Global - Based out of Maine - Give theatric programs that are very punny.



New England Aquarium (Boston Aquarium) - MA outreach



Mystic Marinelife Aquarium - CT & RI Outreach

Michael Glaser - New England outreach by author of several ocean books


New Jersey

Jenkinson's Aquarium - NJ Outreach

Adventure Aquarium - NJ & PA Outreach - New Jersey State Aquarium team



Virtual Whale Watch - DE outreach - name says it all



National Aquarium in Baltimore (Baltimore Aquarium) - MD, N. VA, DE Outreach



The Bay Team - VA Outreach -  VA Institute of Marine Science Chesapeake Bay group

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center - VA/NC Outreach - Based in VA Beach 


North Carolina

North Carolina Aquariums - NC Outreach 


South Carolina

The Baruch Institute - SC Outreach 

South Carolina Aquarium - SC Outreach - based in Charleston, SC



Smithsonian scientists - FL outreach - Ft Pierce Florida

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - FL Outreach

The Florida Aquarium - FL Outreach - based out of Tampa area

Sea World of Florida - FL Outreach 



Dauphin Island Sea Lab - AL Outreach - Based out of Dauphin Island Sea Lab 



Texas State Aquarium - TX - Regional outreach



Shedd Aquarium - IL Outreach



Tennessee Aquarium - TN Outreach, classroom only, alternate



The Ocean Adventure - Global outreach based in CA

Cabrillo High School Aquarium - CA outreach near Los Angeles

Ocean Institute - CA Outreach & Virtual Outreach (video conferencing programs) 

Sea World of California - CA Outreach 

Birch Aquarium at Scripps - CA Outreach

Marine Science Institute - N. CA Outreach



The Living Planet Aquarium - UT Outreach 



OMSI - OR Outreach - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Oregon Coast Aquarium - OR & WA Outreach



Seattle Aquarium - WA Outreach



Outreach Discovery - Alaska Outreach - Prince William Sound Science Center


British Columbia

AquaVan - BC Canada Outreach 



World Wildlife Fund - Global - Various speakers