Questions about Under the Sea


How long has Under the Sea been around? 

Since August 1995.

Do you do evening programs? 


Do you ever do programs for Boy Scouts or home schoolers? 

Yes, please call for further detail. 

Can public programs be charged like a concert - $4 per person for example, instead of the flat fee? 

Yes, in fact we can set it up as a fund raiser, with excess proceeds going to the school or organization!  Please call for further details.

What's up with your logo?  

We teach (apple is a symbol for teachers) about the beach (sea horse).

Questions about Birthday Parties


How far in advance should we schedule?  We recommend calling at least three weeks in advance, but we can often schedule on very short notice.


How many kids can I have at my party?  Up to 25.  We recommend that you invite no more than 2 to 3 times the child's age.  For parties larger than 25, please call for a fee.


Where do you get your animals?  The majority of the animals displayed by Under the Sea come from collection trips that we take in Virginia, going SCUBA diving or walking on the beach.  Some come from fishermen, pet stores, and a few have been donated by High Schools that teach marine biology.


Can the animals be touched?  Yes!  We encourage the kids to touch most and to make the party special, the birthday boy or girl is the only one to touch the shark or ray!


Is there a travel fee?  There may be one if you are more than 30 miles from Dullas Airport.  It is based on mileage one way at $1 per mile.


Do you know of anyone offering this service in CT?  No, but your local public aquarium may.  Call and ask for the outreach coordinator in their education department.


Do any of the animals have diseases that the kids can catch?  No, although there may be germs from other kids touching, so we highly recommend that hands are washed before and after the show.


Have a question?  Send it to us and we will post the answer.