Dolphin Watches

We offer dolphin watching trips from May to September.  Journey to Virginia Beach and visit what researchers call "Dolphin Disneyland."  Over 200 Bottlenose Dolphins swimming near the shore exhibiting tail slapping, surfing, breaching and other behaviors. 

Day trips and overnights can be arranged.  Travel in luxury busses as videos of dolphins and whales are shown.  Once in Virginia Beach, we will tour the Virginia Marine Science Museum, the states largest aquarium.  There you will see Harbor Seals, Sea Turtles, and large Sharks, as well as hundreds of other animals found off the Virginia coast and in the Chesapeake Bay.  Exhibits are very hands on and engaging.  Lunch is next, followed by a guided beach walk.  We conclude with the dolphin watching trip as we journey out of Rudy Inlet aboard the Miss Virginia Beach - a large head boat that can carry over 75 people at a time.​

For overnights, we usually stay at the Colonial Inn, overlooking the ocean.  There is a night watchman at this hotel, giving that extra bit of safety that school groups should have.​

An engaging evening lecture on whales and dolphins is given, followed by some games and food.  Free time is incorporated for shopping and walking along the boardwalk.​