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The following list are places you can visit that have living aquatic animals on display.  Some are private and must be called to make arrangements to visit.  Most call themselves aquariums, others are zoos that have significant aquatic displays.  Please help us make this the most complete list on the internet, by telling us via e-mail if a site is missing or incorrect.

Abbreviations used:
     P - Private (must call first to arrange visit)
     AZA -
Association of Zoological Parks & Aquaria: must follow strict
                rules to be member
     W - Whales on display (Orcas, dolphins, belugas, etc)
     S - Seals and sea lions on display (Pinnipeds) 
     L - Local animals are primary focus of facility
     G - Global - Animals from around the world are displayed
    LG - Large aquariums, with more than 50 full time staff
     * - Top aquariums,  highly praised for exhibits and education 
     Alt - Alternate websites for site (most are unofficial web sites)
     ? - Still researching information
     ###K - largest tank in thousands of gallons

United States 
     Alaska SeaLife Center 
     Prince William Sound Science Center 
     Sonoran Sea Aquarium  
     Cabrillo High School Aquarium 
     Cabrillo Marine Aquarium 
     Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific - AZA, S, LG, G
     Six Flags Marine World 
     Monterey Bay Aquarium - LG, G, *, ?
     Ocean Institute
     Roundhouse Lab and Aquarium
     Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center
     Stephen Birch Aquarium at Scripps
     Sea World of California
     Seymour Marine Discovery Center - Santa Cruz
     Steinhart Aquarium
     UCLA Ocean Discovery Center
     Ocean Journey 
     Rocky Mountain Aquarium & Ecoplex 
     Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk 
     Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration 
District of Columbia 
     The National Aquarium of Washington D.C.
     The National Zoo - Amazon river exhibit and invertebrate house 
     The Florida Aquarium - Tampa
     Marineland of Florida - Alt
     Miami Seaquarium 
     Mote Aquarium
     Living Seas at Epcot - Kissimmee - 
     Sea World of Florida - LG, W, ?
    Clearwater Marine Aquarium 
     Florida's Gulfarium 
     Key West Aquarium 

     Georgia Aquarium
     Waikiki Aquarium
     Maui Ocean Center 
     John G. Shedd Aquarium
     Brookfield Zoo 
     Newport Aquarium 
     Audubon Aquarium of the Americas 
     Gulf of Maine Aquarium
     Maine Aquarium  Saco, Maine 
     Calvert Marine Museum 
     The National Aquarium, Baltimore venue (Baltimore Aquarium)
     New England Aquarium - (Boston Aquarium), Boston - 
     Belle Isle Zoo & Aquarium (Detroit Zoological Institute) 
     Minnesota Zoo's Discovery Bay Marine Education Center - 218K
     Underwater Adventures 
     J.L. Scott Marine Education Center and Aquarium 
     St. Louis Aquarium - World Aquarium 
     Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium Outdoor Education Center
New Hampshire 
New Jersey 
     Adventure Aquarium (Formally the NJ State Aq) 
     Jenkinsons Aquarium 
New Mexico 
     Albuquerque Aquarium 
New York 
     Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium 
     New York's Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation - Alt - 400K, W, 
     St. Lawrence Aquarium & Ecological Center
     Brooklyn Aquarium - same as NY Aquarium?
     Long Island Aquarium - Planned opening in 2005 - X
     Atlantis Marine World - Long Island - 
     Hudson River Aquarium - Planned opening in ?, L, 
North Carolina 
     Discovery Place
     North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island
     North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher
     North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knolls Shores
     North Carolina Estuarium
North Dakota 
     Columbus Zoo & Aquarium 
     Sea Life Park at Six Flags World of Adventure - S, W,  (formerly Sea World of Ohio)
     Oregon Coast Aquarium - Newport
Rhode Island 
     Newport Exploration Center - Newport - Extension of New England Aquarium 
South Carolina 
     Ripley's Aquarium 
     South Carolina Aquarium 
South Dakota 
     Memphis Zoological Garden & Aquarium 
     Tennessee Aquarium 
     Ripleys Aquarium of the Smokies
     Capitol of Texas Aquarium - Austin - In the planning stages
     Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park - Dallas
     The Dallas World Aquarium & Zoological Garden - Dallas
     Moody Gardens - 
     San Antonio Zoological Gardens & Aquarium 
     Sea World of Texas - San Antonio
     Texas State Aquarium - Corpus Cristi
     Virginia Institute of Marine Science - 3K, L
     Virginia Marine Science Museum - S, LG, L 
     Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium 
     Poulsbo Marine Science Center 
     The Seattle Aquarium - Seattle - S, ?
     The Whale Museum - Static displays only - Friday Harbor    
West Virginia 

     Acuario del Museo Argentino de Ciencias 
     Acuario del Inidep Sede Rosario 
     Acuario Municipal de Mendoza 
     Ervani Kentanabannakan Aigi 
     ReefHQ - formerly the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium - Townsville
     Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
     Sydney Aquarium , NSW 
     The Aquarium of Western Australia (formerly Underwater World) - Perth, Western Australia
     Underwater World - Mooloolaba, Queensland
     Undersea World Cairns, Qld 
     Sea World Gold Coast Qld 
     Ocean World Manly, Sydney, NSW 
     Melbourne Aquarium, Vic 
     National Aquarium, Canberra, ACT 
     Neptune's Marine Aquarium, Hervey Bay, Qld 
     Pet Porpoise Pool, Coffs Harbour, NSW 
     Territory Wildlife Park, Northern Territory 
     Aquarium Alpenzoo Innsbruck 
     Aquarium Zoo Schonbrunn 
     Haus der Natur 
     Haus des Meeres 
     Aquarium Antwerp Zoo 
     Aquarium Kon. My. Dierkunde 
     Aquarium de l'Universite 
     Sea Life Centre Blankenberge 
     Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo
     Aquario de Santos 
     Aqu�o de Ubatuba - Alt in English
     Varna Aquarium 
     Grodznenskii Szyarzhauny 

     Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic 
     Maribeland of Canada 
     Maritime Museum of the Atlantic 
     Metro Toronto Zoo 
     Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History 
     Quebec Aquarium 
     Sainte-Foy Aquarium 
     Vancouver Aquarium 
     Under Water World
     Aquaculture Museum, Beijing Agriculture
     Museum Chinese Academy of Science Aquatic Building, Beijing Natural Museum 
     Aquatic Building, Marine Research Institute 
     Aquaria 21 Shanghai 
     Beihai Aquaculture MuseumBeijing Fu Guo
     Underwater World 
     Beijing Jiu Long Theme Park Aquarium 
     Beijing Pacific Underwater World 
     Bi Hai Resort Aquarium, Dalian 
     Beijing Bluezoo Underwater World 
     Beijing Zoo 
     Taiping Underwater World, Beijing 
     Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World 
     Chengdu Wangcong Underwater World 
     Changshai Underwater World 
     Chonqi Underwater World 
     Fujian Zoo Hai Aquarium Fuzhou Zoological Gardens 
     Haico Ocean Park 
     Jinan Changqin Lingyan Temple Aquarium 
     Kunming Aquarium 
     Ocean World Aquarium, Guangzhou Zoo 
     Nanjing Underwater World 
     Nanshan Park 
     Oriental Aquatic World, Wuxi 
     Qinhuangdao Xing Ao Underwater World 
     Qingdao Aquaculture Museum 
     Qingdao Dolphinarium 
     Rare Species Aquarium, Beidaihe 
     Sanya Tian Ya Tropical Marine Park 
     Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (under construction 2000)
     Shanhaiguan Marine Aquarium 
     Shengyang Underwater World 
     Shanya Ocean Park 
     Shenzen Marine World 
     Tiger Beach Paradise Underwater World, Dalian 
     Weipin Park 
     White Dolphin Aquarium 
     Wuhan New World Aquatic Park 
     Xi'an Ocean Wonder 
     Xiamen Under Water World 
     Xuzhou Yunlong Water World 
     Yantai Yang Ma Island Marine World 
     Rosario Island Aquarium 
     Havana Aquarium 
     National AquariumCyprus 
     Ocean Aquarium 
     The Paphos Aquarium 
     Ocean Aquarium 
     The Paphos Aquarium 
     Vychodoceska Zoologicka 
     Oceanographic Museum 
     Zoologicka Zahrada Mesta Brna 
     Giant aquarium in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
     Denmarks Aquarium 
     Funen Aquarium 
     Akvarium & Museum 
     Fjord & Baeltcentret  
Dominican Republic
     Aquario Nacional 
Eire (Ireland)
     "Ocean's Alive", Letterfrack, Co. Clare ready by Easter 1999
     Dublin Sea Life Centre
     Exploris Aquarium 
     Fenit Sea World, Co. Galway 00 + 353 66 36544
     Atlantaquaria, National Aquarium of Ireland, Galway
  Irish National Aquarium
     Dingle Oceanworld (also known as Marabeo = living sea in Irish), Dingle, Co. Kerry
     Lahinch Sea World  http://www.lahinchseaworld.com
     Wicklow Bay Sea Life Centre, Co. Kerry  (The Old National Aquarium)
     Tallinna Loomaaed 
     S��iemi Aquarium, Finland 
     Aliotis Aquarium de Sologne 
     Aquarium de St Malo 
     Aquarium du Musee de la mer de Biarritz 
     Imperator Aquarium 
     Marineland Antibes 
     Centre de la Mer et des Eaux, Paris 
     Institut Oc�ographique de Paris 
     Musee Aquarium d'Arcachon 
     Musee national des Arts Africains et Oceaniens 
     Aquarium du Musee de la Mer 
     Nausicaa Centre National de la mer 
     Aquarium de Canet 
     Aquarium du M.A.A.O 
     Aquarium Institute Oceanography Ricard 
     Aquarium Coutant 
     Musee de la Peche 
     Aquarium de La Rochelle 
     Aquarium des Roches 
     Marinarium du College de France 
     Ocearium du Croisic 
     Aquarium Panoramique 
     Musee Oceanographique le Roc 
     Roscoff Aquarium 
     Sealand - Aquarium de Noimoutier 
     Seaquarium - Palais de la Mer du Gran du Roi 
French West Indies
     Aquarium de la Guadeloupe 
     Batumskii Okeanarium 
     Munich Aquarium 
     Lobbecke-Museum & Aquazoo 
     Leipzig Aquarium 
     Kiel Aquarium 
     Helgoland Aquarium 
     Hanover Aquarium 
     Institut f�p;
     Frankfurt Aquarium 
     Cologne Aquarium 
     Bremerhaven Aquarium 
     Berlin Aquarium 
     Zoo am Meer 
     Trparium Hagenbeck's 
     Deutsches Meeresmuseum 
     Aquarium Zoologischer Garten Berlin
     Wilhelma Zoologischer Garten 
     Kolner Aquarium am Zoo 
     Aquarium Zoo Berlin 
     Aquarium Tierpark Berlin 
     Aquarium des Institut fur Meereskunde an der Universitat Kiel 
     Oceanographic Institute 
     Hydrobiological Station
     Budapest Fovaros Allat-Es 
     Aquarium Zoo Budapest 
     Riva Aquarium 
     Naples Aquarium 
     Milan Aquarium 
     Livorno Aquarium 
     Genoa's Aquarium (Acquario di Genova) 
     Aquarium Stazione Zoologica 
     Acquario Comunale 'Diacinto Cestoni' 
     Acquario Civico-Stazione Idrobiologica 
     Marine Aquarium of Mandapam 
     Kankaria Aquarium 
     Seaworld Indonesia (Jakarta) 
     Coral World Underwater Observatory and Aquarium  Hong Kong
     Ocean Park
     Aburatsubo Marine Park Aquarium 
     Amakusa Natural Aquarium in Bottom 
     Aomori Prefectural Asamushi Aquarium 
     Ashizuri Kaiyokan 
     Atagawa Banna-Crocodile Gardens 
     Awashima Marine Park 
     Biwako Bunkakan 
     Echizen Matsushima Aquarium 
     Enoshima Aquarium 
     Futami Sea Paradise 
     Gifu Park 
     Hekinnan Beach Aquarium 
     Higashiyama Zoological & Botanical Gradens 
     Himeji City Aquarium 
     Hiroo Aquarium 
     Hiyoriyama Park 
     Inokashira Park Zoo 
     Inubosaki Marine Park 
     Isahaya Mini Aquarium 
     Izu Andyland 
     Izumito Sea Paradise 
     Joetsu City Aquarium 
     Kaikyokan Aquarium 
     Kagoshima Aquarium 
     Kamogawa Sea World 
     Kanazawa Aquarium 
     Katsuraham Aquarium 
     Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park 
     Kinosaki Marine World 
     Kiryugaoka Aquarium 
     Kushimoto Marine Park 
     Marine Palace Oita Ecological Aquarium 
     Marine Aquarium Oyama 
     Marine Plaza Miyajima 
     Marine Science Museum 
     Marine World Umi-no-Nakamichi 
     Matsushima Aquarium 
     Minakami Aquarium 
     Minamichita Aquarium 
     Misaki Park Zoo & Aquarium 
     Miyajima Aquarium 
     Miyazu E.L. Aquarium 
     Muronan Aquarium 
     Nagasaki Aquarium 
     Nagasaki Bio Park 
     Nagoya Harbour Aquarium 
     Nanki Shiraham Adventure World 
     Niigata Aquarium 
     Noboribetsu Marine Park 
     Noshappu Kanryu Aquarium 
     Notojima Beach Park Aquarium 
     Oarai Aquarium 
     Oga Aquarium 
     Oita Ecological Aquarium 
     Okeanos Aquarium 
     Okhotsk Aquarium Foundation 
     Okinawa Expo Aquarium 
     Osaka Aquarium   (Kaiyukan Aquarium)
     Otaru Aquarium 
     Oyama Marine Aquarium 
     Port of Nagoya Aqarium 
     Saitama Aquarium 
     Sakaigahama Marine Park Aquarium 
     Shima Marineland 
     Shimoda Floating Aquarium 
     Shinagawa Aquarium 
     Shirahama Aquarium 
     Shonai-Beach Kamo Aquarium 
     Suma Aqualife Park 
     Sun Plaza Aquarium 
     Sunshine International Aquarium 
     Suzaka Zoo 
     Taiji Whales Museum 
     Takarazuka Zoological & Botanical Gardens 
     Takeshima Aquarium 
     Tama Zoological Park 
     Tamano Marine Museum 
     Teradomari Aquarium 
     Toba Aquarium - LG, S, *
     Tokyo Sea Life Park 
     Toyama Family Park Zoo 
     Ueno Zoological Gardens 
     Ubatuba Aquarium 
     Uozu Aquarium 
     Wakayama Municipal Natural Science Museum 
     Yambaru Wildlife Park 
     Yashima Sea Palace 
    Yokohama Hakeijima Aquarium 
     Yomiuriland Marine Aquarium 
     Alma-Atinskii Zoopark 
     Chimkentskii Zoologicheskii 
     Riga Zoologiskais Darz 
     Jura Muziejus Ir Akvariums 
     Respublikinis Zoologijos 
     Acuario Aragon 
     Acuario "Fantastico Mundo del Mar" 
     Acuario Veracruz (Spanish) 
     Baja California Aquarium - in mexico? Planned?
     Mus�Oc�ographique de Monaco
Netherland Antilles
     Curacao Seaaquarium 
     Artis Aquarium 
     Aquarium Bergen aan Zee 
     Noorder Dierenpark Zoo 
     Ouwehands Zoo 
     Amsterdam Aquarium 
     Sea Life Centre Scheveningen 
     Burgers' Ocean 
     Blijdorp Zoo
New Zealand
     Hawke's Bay Marineland and Aquarium Napier 
     Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World, Auckland 
     Aalesund Akvarium, Norway 
     Bergen Aquarium 
     Aquarium Norske Skogbruks Museum 
     University of Oslo/Aquarium 
     Norvegian Forestry  Aquarium 
     Karachi Municipal Aquarium 
     Palau Aquarium 
     Miejski Ogrod Zoologiczny W Lodzi 
     Miejski Ogrod Zoologiczny 
     Miejski Ogrod Zoologiczny 
     Miejski Park Ogrod Zoologiczny 
     Slaski Ogrod Zoologiczny 
     Wielkopolski Park Zoologiczny 
     Oceanographic Museum 
     The Vasco de Gama Aquarium
     Lisbon Oceanarium 
     Madeira's Museu Municipal do Funchal 
     Zoomarine - Mundo 
     Aquarium Galatia 
     Kaliningradskii Zoopark 
     Aquarium at Moskovskii Zoologicheski Park 
     Rostovskii-Na-Donu Zoologicheskii Park 
     National Aquarium of Scotland/Deep Sea World 
     Underwater World Singapore
South Africa 
     East London Aquarium 
     Sea World - Durban, South Africa 
     Sea Life Centre Benalmadena 
     Barcelona Aquarium 
     Aquarium Parque Zoologico de Barcelona 
     Aquarium Madrid Zoo 
     Museu de la Ciencia     

     Aquopolis La Pineda

     Aquarium Finidterrae 
     Aquarium Galicia 
Sri Lanka
     National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka 
     Goteborg Aquarium 
     Malm�seum of Natural History 
     Sjofartsmuseets Akvarium 
     Kolmardens Tropicarium 
     Aquarium Zoologischer Garten Basel 
     Aquarium Zoo Zurich 
     National Museum of Marine and Biology Aquarium 
     National Fisheries Center and Aquarium 
     P'eng-hu Aquarium 
     Keeleng Aquarium 
     Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium 
     Kharkovskii Zoologicheskii Park 
     Kievskii Zoologicheskii Park 
     Nikolaevskii Zoopark 
     Sevastopolskii Morskoi Akvarium 
     Sevastopol Aquarium 
United Kingdom
     Aquarium Chester Zoo 
     Aquarium of the Lakes 
     Anglesey Sea Zoo  01248 430411
     Axmouth Sea Discovery Centre, Devon (east) Web Site 01297 24774
     Beaumaris Marine World, Anglesey
     Birmingham Sea Life Centre 0121 6436777
     Blackpool Tower Aquarium the only marine displays are tropical
     Bournemouth Water Zoo * 01202 295393
     Brixham Aquarium, Devon *Biological Services 
     Blue Planet Aquarium 
     Bolton Museum Aquarium (no marine species) 01204 332200
     Bristol Zoo Aquarium  0117 9222 3571
     Chester Zoo Aquarium (no marine displays?) 01244 380 280
     Clacton "Living Ocean" 01255 421115
     Deep Sea World - National Aquarium of Scotland 
     Ellesmore Port, Cheshire "Blue Planet"
     Forest Hill, SE London, Horniman's Museum 0181 699 2339
    Exploris Portaferry 
     Guernsey Aquarium, St. Peter Port. 01481 723301
     Gweek Seal Sanctuary, Cornwall, Jersey, Fort Regent, St. Helier
     Kew Gardens (for Seaweeds)
     Kimmeridge Bay Interpretation Centre, Dorset  (with live underwater video camera)
     Lake District Coast Aquarium 
     Liverpool Museum Aquarium & Vivarium 0151 207 0001
     Logan Fish Pond Marine Life Centre, Port Logan, Stranraer  01776 860300
     London Aquarium, South Bank 0171 967 8000
     London Zoo Aquarium 0171 722 3333
     Looe Aquarium, Cornwall  Very limited opening
     Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium No telephone (land line)
     Macduff Marine Aquarium, Banff, Scotland 01261 833369
     Maryport Aquaria 
     Mallaig Marine World, W Scotland
     Mevagissey Aquarium, Cornwall 01726 843305
     Millport Biological Station, Cumbrae 0147 553 581
     National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth 
     National Sea Life Centre Birmingham 
     National Seal Sanctuary 
     Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium, Cornwall
     Oceanarium Bournemouth 01202 311993
     Paignton Aquarium, Devon
     Penzance Aquarium, Cornwall 01736 64857
     Portaferry "Exploris" Aquarium, N Ireland 012477 28062
     Queensferry "Deep Sea World", 
     Rhyl Sea Life Centre, N Wales
     Seahouses Aquarium, Northumberland
     Sea Life Centre Blackpool  01253 22445
     Sea Life Centre Brighton  01273 604234
     Sea Life Centre Great Yarmouth  01493 330631
     Sea Life Centre Hastings 01424 718776
     Sea Life Centre Hunstanton  01485 533 576
     Sea Life Centre Newquay 
     Sea Life Centre Oban, W Scotland 0163 172 386 (discontinued?)
     Sea Life Centre Portsmouth  01705 734461
     Sea Life Centre Rhyl 
     Sea Life Centre Scarborough  01723 376125
     Sea Life Centre Southend 
     Sea Life Centre St Andrews, Scotland 01334 74786
     Sea Life Centre Weston-super-Mare 
     Sea Life Centre Tynemouth 
     Sea Life Park Weymouth, Dorset 01305 788255
     Skyreburn Aquarium, Scotland closed
     St. David's Marine Life Centre, SW Wales 01437 721665
     St. David's Oceanarium, SW Wales Link to Official Site 01437 720453
     Swansea Aquarium, SW Wales
     Tenby "Silent World" Aquarium, SW Wales 01834 844498
     Torquay "Aqualand", Devon
     Tynemouth Sea Life Centre, NE England
     Underwater World at Birdworld 
     Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Coastal Visitors Centre 01983 855400
     Wembury Marine Centre, Devon Interpretation Centre 01752 862538
     Weston-super-Mare Sea Life Centre, Somerset 01934 613361
     Weymouth Aquarium closed
     Whitstable Oyster & Fishery Exhibition 01227 272003
     Windemere "Aquarium of the Lakes" 015395 30153
     Yarmouth, Fort Victoria Marine Aquarium, Isle of Wight Official Web Site 01983 760283
     Valencia Aquarium 
     Jardin Acuario de Merida 
Virgin Islands 
     Coral World Marine Park & Underwater Observatory 

Various Marine Biology Links
Crafts, activities, lesson plans
Marine Biology Outreach Groups
Aquariums and Marine Science Centers
Conferences, Seminars, Lectures

Aksarben Aquarium and Nature Center 
Center for Stingray Biology, California 
Coral Island Nassau, The Bahamas 
Coral World St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 
Kirkham Aquarium 
Marine Life Aquarium 
Marine World Africa USA 
Mount Desert Oceanarium 
Oceans East 
Sea Life Park Waimanalo 
Shoals Aquarium & Nature Center 
St. Lawrence Aquarium & Ecological Center, New York 
UnderWater World 
West Boothbay Harbor Aquarium 
The New York Aquarium 
Aksarben Aquarium and Nature Center 
San Pedro CACAUZ for Worldwide Conservation Consortium of
Cambrian Explosion Exibit 
Chula Vista Nature Center 
Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery and Aquarium 
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 
The Florida Museum Department of Ichthyology 
Loebbecke-Museum & Aquazoo 
Long Island Zoos and Aquariums 
Mid-America Aqua Center 
Pier Aquarium 
Project PicoReef one of the world's smallest reef aquariums 
Smithsonian Institute Division of Fishes 
S��iemi Aquarium 
Zoo Atlanta